Beginners Blog

Since a young age, I have always kept a diary.  This became less regular as I got older but I still updated and maintained a vague record of what was going on in my life throughout the years.  When I finally left school at 18 and set out on the classic private school ‘Gap Year’, my Mum bought me a beautiful red leather bound Travel Journal and I wrote in it religiously throughout my time abroad.

Now, whenever I go off on a new adventure, I always have a journal with me.  It has proved incredibly helpful – emotionally and factually – for both me and others!  More recently, I have started reading bits to people or have to trawl through the pages to find certain snippets of information for recommendations or memory. So, in light of this, and to make it easier for both myself and others – should they ever want a random/potentially useful bit of advice or a way of ensuring I am definitely alive -I have decided to start this blog.

The ‘Developing Floga’ title refers to my up and coming Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh – Floga is going to be my brand name!  A combination of Flo and Yoga!  So, in essence, this blog will cover the usual and popular topics – Yoga, Travel and Wellbeing.

Hope you find some form of entertainment or use from my ramblings!

Flo x

One thought on “Beginners Blog

  1. The recommendations from your Venice diary certainly helped me in the past so I’ll be sure to use this as a tripadisor when I go to India! 🤓


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