A Final (and short) Farewell

The final week has been and gone and it is all over!! Completely surreal and bizarre and I feel somewhere in the middle of elated and sad.

This week has been a culmination of exams, final tips and goodbyes.  Exams have gone extremely well which is good news for everyone involved and has really given people a huge boost of confidence!  Everyone’s asana lessons went brilliantly and it was lovely to be a part of such a variety of styles and classes during the last week.

Philosophy concluded with a 2-hour discussion on love, which had most of us weeping at some point. Roshan also gave us ways in which we can continue to develop and maintain our yogic practice within our day to day life. There are numerous ways in which to do so and I am determined to incorporate as many as I can, whilst simultaneously being on the lookout for new options as well.  Philosophy with Roshan completely hammered into me how very little I know and how much more I have to learn and explore.  This is not a bad thing by any means and does not leave me feeling deflated and upset – quite the opposite! I feel excited by the numerous possibilities available to me and I feel equipped to go forth by myself and continue this journey/constant learning experience, alone.

Our final day finished as it had begun, with a Pooja ceremony.  Once again we all gathered in Yoga Hall 3 and sat down on the bolsters laid out for us.  This time, however, we all knew what was going on and were also friends with one another!  The atmosphere was completely different and it was a nice reminder of how far we had come since that first ceremony a month previous.  Once the Pooja ceremony was complete, we were treated to a performance from a traditional Indian band.  The band comprised of 5 musicians: a singer, drummer, two violinists and a pianist.  The music was enchanting and the singer was completely mesmerising.  They played for an hour, some people danced and it added a really beautiful conclusion to our time at Rishikesh Yog Peeth.  Once the band had packed up and left, it was finally time for our certificates to be handed out – a very surreal moment!

Photos, a final chai at the Rooftop café and lots of goodbyes followed.  It was a bittersweet atmosphere.  Everyone was completely elated and excited about graduating but it was also sad to say farewell to such a special month.  I think I repeated ‘I can’t believe it’s all over’ about 1000 times that night and it seems it was the phrase of the evening for most people.

Rishikesh Yog Peeth provided me with a wonderful experience.  It opened my eyes to so many new possibilities and ideas.  It taught me so much about myself. It changed me for the better.  Most importantly, it has given me the ability to step out confidently into this new world that has been opened up for me and I cannot wait to see where my journey will take me now.

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