Spring Clean

The Spring Equinox and Easter weekend have been and gone and it is time to get ready for the warmer months.  Granted that in the UK we can’t get our hopes up too high, especially with these bouts of snow we keep being treated to!  However, we can start preparing our body and mind for the brighter part of the year.

‘Have a good Spring clean’ is a phrase which is primarily used when referring to cleaning our home.  That time of year where we get rid of unwanted clutter and spruce the house up.  What about ourselves though?  We often get so preoccupied with external cleanliness that we forget about the internal.  Not that there is anything wrong with cleaning the house.  “Tidy house, tidy mind” definitely rings true in my case.  Having a clear space enables me to focus on the other tasks at hand.  One of them, taking the time to give myself a good spring clean as well!

I am not referring to having a shower or bath and then being done with it.  I am more concerned with what is going on inside.  Spring is all about renewal and rebirth and it is therefore the perfect opportunity to get rid of any unwanted emotional baggage and rinse your body out of any toxins.  This does not mean you have to have a diet of only juice or fast for an entire week but perhaps incorporate some gentle twisting into your Yoga asana practice and take the time to reflect and let go of any issues which you feel are no longer beneficial to you.

Before beginning your practice, take the time to meditate and breathe, turn your attention inwards and notice whether there is anything you are holding onto emotionally.  Take this time to work out why you are feeling this way.  Why are you struggling to let go of it?  Is there something you could do to resolve the situation?  Or would you be better off just letting it go?  Consciously and actively expel it.  Release it.  Then take this opportunity to set yourself a positive intention for Spring.  Do you want to be more positive?  Do you want to show love to yourself more readily?  Do you want to take more time to relax?  Choose something which resonates with you, which is achievable and which will benefit you and those surrounding you.  Set this intention for yourself and return to it throughout your practice, throughout your day.  Allow it to manifest itself within you heart and mind so you can carry it through Spring and into Summer with positivity and certainty.

We can now move onto the body.  Twists can be incorporated into most postures during a yoga sequence so you can really build up a sweat and get that digestive system activated and releasing any toxins.  In addition, we can help cleanse our mind and emotions through some gentle heart and hip openers due to these being areas in the body where we often store emotional baggage.

Take a look at my Spring Renewal Yoga sequence below so you can get your body and mind rinsed out and renewed for summer.


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WARNING:  Do not try this sequence if you are Pregnant, as intense twisting should be avoided during this time.

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