Feeling Lucky

I haven’t written on here for a good few weeks now, maybe even months!  This is not due to running out of things to say, far from it!  I have a continuously growing list of recipes, reviews and topics that I am planning to write about but life has somewhat gotten in the way.  However, I am back now and ready to get sharing all of my ideas and thoughts with you once more!

Today I want to talk about luck.  It can be a slightly taboo word to some and mean the world to others.  Where do I stand?  Somewhere in the middle.  I believe that there is always an element of luck in a lot of what we do but I also firmly believe we make our own luck happen as well.

Recently, literally in the past week, a number of things have happened to me.  All of which were both lucky and self-created.  I found out that I couldn’t start my Art History PhD.  I was accepted onto a Nutritional Therapy course.  I was in a car accident, where I wrote off my car and fractured a rib.  And finally, a loved one died.  The majority of people will look at all of those incidents and mainly feel that I had a terrible week but weirdly, it has powered me forward and made me feel extremely lucky.

Let us start with the PhD rejection.  I have wanted to do a PhD ever since I started my undergraduate studies in Art History.  I love learning, I love researching, I love challenging my brain.  However, since beginning my Yoga career, that love has become confused.  I felt confused about my change of path, especially since I had been so convinced of where I was going for so long.  I love yoga, of course, and I think that is what panicked me so much.  It felt like I was cheating on my long term partner.  Nevertheless, yoga wasn’t enough, I needed more mental stimulation and so I decided to take matters into my own hands and do both a PhD and Yoga.  I worked hard on my proposal, contacted old professors but alas there was nobody ready to take me on.  This abrupt halt to my plans, rather than making me feel depressed, made me feel that actually, I am headed down the right path.  I can learn and stimulate my mind through other courses and teachings I find fascinating, courses that pair beautifully with yoga.  Enter nutrition…

Those of you that know me or read my blog will already know I am incredibly passionate about food.  I have been since I can remember.  Both my parents are brilliant cooks, I have been brought up surrounded by family members who love to feed you and share such enthusiasm for food.  At one point, when I was much smaller, I wanted to be a Chef but then I realised how brutal it was as a career and decided I was probably not cut out for it!  However, I still adore to cook for people and have a deep interest in the benefits of food and the effects it can have on the gut and different individuals.  Much like yoga, nutrition has been an area I have toyed with for a while.  Always thinking of it as something I would LIKE to do IF I have the time.  Well I will have the time if I make it, so I applied and I got accepted!  How lucky that I got rejected for my PhD and how lucky that I didn’t let that stop me following another dream, hey?!

Next stop, my car crash.  I was driving back from work and was involved in a car accident which crumpled my car, leading it to be a total loss and was left with whiplash, a fractured rib and a jarred / sprained ankle and hand.  In the blink of an eye everything changed.  It could have been A LOT worse.  Once the shock had worn off and it was established everyone was O.K. I began to take in what had happened.  How lucky I wasn’t speeding, how lucky everyone was ok, how lucky I hadn’t been playing on my phone or been distracted in any other way.  It could have been so much worse, I could have been seriously injured; it could have caused a pile up on the motorway; I could have been wracked with guilt about causing someone serious harm through my own foolish actions.  Both Lady Luck and everyone’s own actions played a part in meaning this was not as severe as it could have been.

The next day my step-Grandad died of cancer.  He was very unwell and it wasn’t unexpected.  Nevertheless, it was upsetting. But he also had the most amazing outlook and I have never seen anyone battle on till the very end in such a way.  He was not frightened of death, just incredibly accepting and that in itself was a truly inspiring thing to watch. How lucky was I to have someone like that in my life?

All these things range from what seem like more mundane day to day decisions, to larger more life changing incidents.  But each of these has impacted me in some way and the whole effect has been incredibly eye opening.  In general, I am a positive person.  I believe in luck; I believe in self-made success; I believe in working hard; and I believe pain makes us stronger.  Yet it is often easy to get bogged down in the negative and begin to feel permanently sorry for ourselves. To feel UN-lucky.  And before last week that is something I had definitely begun to do.  Now a week later, after all of these events, I feel energised, focussed and driven.  I feel as though I am wholeheartedly aware of just how I lucky am.  I have an incredible family, supportive friends, a job I love, a beautiful home and I am healthy.  Whilst I could just take the negatives from this situation; rejection, fear, anger and loss, I have instead rediscovered the awesome aspects of my life instead.

We are all lucky.  In some way or another.  Find your luck and work hard to keep it.

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