The Best Beaches in North Cornwall

I just love the North Cornish Coast and so I thought I would take the time to compile a few of my favourite beaches between Padstow and Tintagel.

Cornwall is one of my all time favourite places and in particular the North Cornish Coast. Beautiful beaches, delicious food and stunning coastal walks, there is so much to see and do in this part of the world and it blows me away every time I visit.

Having just taken a recent trip down to this area, I thought I would put together a little blog post filled with my go-to beaches. Every time you visit Cornwall I discover something new, especially with its plethora of beaches and coves and that, for me, is part of its charm.

Flo’s Top North Coast Cornish Beaches

  1. Daymer Bay / Rock Beach
Daymer Bay at low tide

I was introduced to Daymer Bay by Max’s family, who visit this area on every trip, without fail and so it has become a tradition for Max and I to do the same. Dogs are welcome all year round (which is always a necessity for us!) and the beach is so expansive it never feels too over crowded, even in summer.

Daymer Bay and Rock Beach are connected and they make for a beautiful walk. Arriving and parking at either the Daymer Bay side or the Rock side is fine and if you arrive whilst the tide is out you can take a leisurely stroll across the sand all the way round the two. When the tide comes in, never fear! You can still take a lovely, although little more challenging, coastal walk to get between the two and look out over Padstow and the expansive ocean as you do so.

We tend to take games, picnics and books with us when the weather is nice and can literally spend an entire day there, finished with a delcious Cornish ice-cream, or just take a blustery walk and breathe in that wonderful sea air.

Rock Beach

Walking from Polzeath to Daymer

This is a really wonderful walk and one of my favourites to do. If you want a bit of a longer walk or are perhaps staying in Polzeath, follow the coastal path all the way round to Daymer Bay. You will get beautiful views and it isn’t too challenging, taking around 30-45 minutes with very few hills.

2. Tregardock Beach

Tregardock Beach at high tide

Fancy a little more of a wild beach experience? Then the next two beaches will be right up your street! We were recommended Tregardock Beach by a family friend and it did not disappoint. Surrounded by jagged rocks and cliffs this is a stunning and unspoilt part of North Cornwall. There are rock pools as far as the eye can see, along with beautiful stretches of sand and a lot of mussels.

There is no specific carpark but you can find it along the coastal path or by parking on the road near Tregardock Farm and walking for around 15 minutes down to the coast. Swimming and surfing are perfect activities for this beach or just spend your time exploring the caves and rock pools.


N.B. If you are less able and struggle with steep desecents / inclines then this beach should be avoided. To get down you need to climb across slippy and steep rocks and so be aware if you are taking older relatives, dogs or young children. We had to carry our older dog down the last bit and whilst it was fine, I would not have been able to do this by myself.

Tregardock Beach

3. Bossiney Cove

A Misty view of Bossiney Cove

This was our most recent discovery during this latest trip and it was such a wonderful find. The smallest of the beaches recommended in this blog, Bossiney Cove is found down a winding hill path (again, perhaps not so ideal for those less able), however, if you are happy making the short descent down (and back up) it is well worth it. Tucked away between sheer cliff faces, with caves for exploring, this is a really breathtaking haven. When the tide is out you can wander round to the bay next door but otherwise enjoy taking in the surrounding scenery.

Dogs are, of course, allowed here all year round and there is a small carpark just at the top of the path down towards the beach. Afterwards, you can always pop into Tintagel which is a 5 minute drive away and see Tintagel Castle as well.

Walk down to Bossiney Cove

4. Constantine Bay

If you fancy a beach where you can surf, swim and relax in the sand then Constantine Bay is the place for you. This beach is lined with sand dunes, has an easy access car park and usually an ice cream truck parked nearby.

Constantine Bay

Again, dogs are allowed here all year and it is the perfect spot to chill out in the sun or take a wander across the coastal path to Booby’s Bay, another wonderful beach filled with rock pools and excellent for surfers or watching the sunset.

Sunset at Booby’s Bay

Let me know if you have discovered any beautiful Cornish beaches that I haven’t mentioned here. I would love to hear them and check them out next time I take a visit!

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