Slow Down

Are you taking the time to slow down this December? Here’s a gentle reminder that you don’t have to do it all this Christmas!

December is a month filled with mayhem, and we seem to take quite a lot of pleasure in exclaiming dramatically to people how busy we are at this time of year! Christmas shopping, tax returns, sales, house-work, Christmas drinks, it all become a relentless, never-ending task. Merging into one long to-do list. However, winter should really be a time when we slow down, and replenish ourselves for the new year.

I am definitely guilty of getting caught up in the Christmas madness – it seems to be slightly contagious! BUT I also really consciously try to make the effort to slow it down and take evenings off (even full days!), where I do little else other than maybe go to a yoga class, eat, sleep and relax on the sofa. I try to turn down those Christmas drink invitations that aren’t going to fill me up but instead drain me (thankfully my days of FOMO are far behind me, so this definitely makes life easier!) and say yes to spending time with my partner, close friends and family. In short, I really try to nourish myself as best as I can.

So, just for a moment, take a little look at your calendar, at your to-do list. Is all of it really necessary? Do you really need to go to 5 Christmas parties that week? Can some of that to-do list wait until tomorrow, next week, or even next year?! Remember that you don’t have to do it all. You don’t have to be running around at the speed of light throughout December until you crash on Christmas Eve. You can instead take the time to fill up your own cup, reset your batteries and have a much calmer, slower, but equally enjoyable Christmas.

I think that sounds pretty great. Don’t you?!

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